Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potty Training!

OH what a joy this has been!
We are finally working on potty training at night.
She is a rock star during the day! Got the car thing down & has accidents if there isn't a place to pull over and let her out. Yes, I pull over and she pees on the side of the road.
Night time is going to be the hardest. She is a hard sleeper like her mom and dad.
We have officially stop buying pull ups because she runs off and screams "NO MOMMA!".
So no nighttime panties just big girl panties. She gets Milk at 7 and nothing past that. I think I may make it a half cup and see how bad the accidents are in the morning.

Slowly my baby is turning into a big girl. Next month she will be 2.

We are working on breaking one thing at a time. First it was the bottle then the paci & now potty training.
Once we get potty training down NO MORE SHIRT!

Next she will be in Ballet and baseball. Where is the time going? But I can't wait for those adventures too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big sister!!

Kayleigh wasn't sure about Johnathon at first.
Over the last 2 months she's turned into a little mommy.

If Johnathon starts crying she'll walk over and ask him "you OK"?
Its the cutiest thing ever! She had some adjustment issues in the beginning. Its been an adjustment not being the only child but she's getting it.
When she wants to hold him she says "me?" with her arms out.
The first time I saw her do it I thought she wanted me to hold her. I got her in my lap and she reached over and pulled her bubba to her. Its was priceless!
When you tell her were going BY BY she gets Johnathon's carseat pulled out.
She knows he needs that to go in the car. :)

If she wants to cuddle I lay him beside her on the couch. A HUGE grin comes on her face! I know when they get older they will be great friends. Right now she doesn't know her own strength & gets carried away. But she trys to include him when she plays.

I'm truly blessed to have such awesome kids! They are my world!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our mission:

Breaking the binkie:
Tomorrow will be a week since Kayleigh has had a binkie.
I woke up Friday morning and saw it laying on the floor and I decided NO MORE.
I went in there 3 times to give it to her Thursday and after awhile she finally went to sleep.
She still have her shirt when she sleeps. But isn't allowed to carry it through the house.

Not having to remember them when we leave has been so nice. And we always seemed to misplace the binkie right before we left to go somewhere.

Thankfully, our back up (grandma) doesn't like toddlers w/binkies either.
So we have successfully broke Kayleigh from her Binky addiction.

Now onto our next mission:drinking from a straw.
That was/is proving to be harder than breaking the binkie.
She had these sippys that leaked so bad. She knew how to get the juice out and make a huge mess. SO over the weekend I bought sippies that she had to work to get the juice/milk out of. Ya, that went over like a lead balloon.
Sunday, I was determined to get her to use the new sippies - after awhile of her crying and me. I finally left for back up ( grandparents to the rescue). It wasn't our normal - happy mommy, daughter day :(
This week was a battle to get her to use the new sippies. Yesterday, I was looking online and I read about how a mom got her toddler to use a straw. I called Genny ( knowing I would forget - I called right away) and told her what I read. She gave kayleigh a Capri sun and Low & Behold --- she likes to use a straw. She finally got it!!!!
I bought her a sippy cup w/a straw yesterday and Brian is supposed to be seeing if she will take it.
Wonder where she gets her stubbornness from???

No more changes for her - she's got a few very hard ones coming.