Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potty Training!

OH what a joy this has been!
We are finally working on potty training at night.
She is a rock star during the day! Got the car thing down & has accidents if there isn't a place to pull over and let her out. Yes, I pull over and she pees on the side of the road.
Night time is going to be the hardest. She is a hard sleeper like her mom and dad.
We have officially stop buying pull ups because she runs off and screams "NO MOMMA!".
So no nighttime panties just big girl panties. She gets Milk at 7 and nothing past that. I think I may make it a half cup and see how bad the accidents are in the morning.

Slowly my baby is turning into a big girl. Next month she will be 2.

We are working on breaking one thing at a time. First it was the bottle then the paci & now potty training.
Once we get potty training down NO MORE SHIRT!

Next she will be in Ballet and baseball. Where is the time going? But I can't wait for those adventures too.


  1. I love that she is potty training so well. She is growing up way too fast! Love yall.

  2. I agree with Katie she is growing up so fast. But at the same time I feel like she is older, I always forget that she isn't even two yet!